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Axis TSRK 1000

  • Auto-starting
  • Automatic foggingInstinctive, easy of use UI
  • Automatic PD Measurement
  • Alignment Marks
  • HR LCD (High resolution color LCD monitor)
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The AXIS(TSRK-1000P) Ref-innovative keratometer’s DSP engine controls the entire measurement process, including measurement signal capture, data processing, and display. As a result, AXIS (TSRK-1000P) can provide you with stable measurement data and fine pupil images.

Salient Feature of the AXIS (TSRK-1000)

  • Automatic Fogging: The AXIS incorporates Automatic fogging control by providing an infinity scene to control accommodation. A very handy tool required for accurate and typical measurements.
  • High Resolution Colour LCD Monitor: 3,26,000 pixel, 6.4 Inches Bright TFT color LCD provides super fine and large iris image with color alignment marks and user friendly interface.
  • Alignment Marks: AXIS automatically indicates to the user when ideal focus is achieved for enhanced accuracy and easy, fast measurements.
  • User Friendly: Convenient & simple, user interface make AXIS ideally suited for multiple user environments too. Its easy and simple self explanatory display eliminates the need for use of manual.
  • Pupil & CLBC Measurements:
    • Pupillary Diameter: Special measurement made with image capture for accurate and reliable pupillary diameter measurement ideal for ICL and LASIK workup.
    • AXIS Automatically calculates the inter-pupilary distance for both near and far vision.
    • CLBC (Contact Lens Base Curve Measurement)
    • Corneal & Iris size measurement can be done on the Aixs.
  • Auto Measurement Mode: Ensures Easy, accurate quick measurement mode for uncooperative patients.
  • Eye Diagram: AXIS provides the user with the option to print the Diagram of both myopic and hypermetropic eyes on the print out itself.
  • Motorised Chin Rest: The AXIS incorporates motorized Chin-Rest Up-Down function with conveniently located controls on the front panel for use comfort and saves time
  • Retro Illumination & Anterior Segment Photography-Imaging: This is very special feature which allows the user to take photographs of eyes with cataract. This helps in counseling the patient for further procedures.
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