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Lensit KR-9

  • Higher level of accuracy
  • Rigid framework for maximum durability
  • Dust resistant Japanse technology optical unit
  • Robust yet feather touch joy-stick operations
  • Auto measurement mode
  • Refractive measurement with Hexagon prism
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The LENSit Autoref-Keratometer KR-9 employs an ARM processor and the most recent image processor, resulting in a fast and accurate system. The image processor generates clear images for the 5.7′ tiltable screen. It employs Japan’s mature optical path system, as well as a humanised automatic mist measurement process, to reduce adjustment error and produce more precise measurements.

It is more stable and consistent with the auto-tracking optical system.

Usage Clinic
Types Of Refractometer Digital
Application Eye Examination
Brand LENSit
Type Tabletop, Refractometer
Weight 14 Kg
Power Supply Ac 110-220-v,50/60hz
Vertex Distance 0.0,12,0,13.75,15.0mm
Condition New
Refractive Measurements AR-9
Dimensions 288 w x 500 d x 480 h mm
Sphere -25.00-+22.00d[0.12/0.25d step
Cylince 0.00-+10.00d[0.12/0.25d step
Axis 1-180 1 step
Pupil Distance 30-85mm
Min pupil diameter measurable target 02.00mm
Corneal Curvature Radius 5.00 to 10.00 mm [0.01mm]
Refraction Index 1.3375
Cornal Refraction 67.0d to 33.0d [0.12d/0.25d]
Cornal Astigmatish 0d to + 15 d 1 step
Corneal astimatism axial angle 2.00 to 12.00 mm
coreal diameter 2.00 to 12.00 mm
Target Automatic Gogging Target
Monitor 5.7 inch colour LCD
Printer Thermal Printer with auto cut
Power Saving Function Off,5,15 min selectable
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