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Shin-Nippon Accuref K-900

  • Feather-touch sensor button
  • Newly designed optical unit with further improved accuracy
  • Improved side flaps, headrest and chin rest
  • New Joystick
  • Newly designed IOL Mode [colour focus indicator]
  • Scotopic & Photopic Pupil Diameter Measurement
  • Unique LCD Monitor
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The detail and quality are exquisite. Sophisticated shape with soft curves and appealing colour with high-quality two-tone metallic and pearlescent paintwork that complements any interior and appeals to the customer’s trust.

Brand Shin Nippon
Touchscreen Monitor Size 5.7
Maximum Pupil Distance 2 mm
Weight (in Kg) approx. 13kg
Measurement Mode Refractometry Mode, Keratometry Mode
Pupil Size 2 mm
Power saving function OFF,3,5,10min. (selectable)
Power consumption 60VA
Power voltage/ frequency AC100V-240V,50/60Hz
Printer thermal line printer (paper width 58mm)
Movement range of LCD +30 Degreeswivel (left only),+40 Degreetilt
Movement range of the chin rest vertical +-30mm
Dimension (W) 240mm (D) 422mm (H) 430mm
Cylinder (C) Measurement range 0D to 10D (VD 0)
Axis (A) Measurement range 0 Degree to 180 Degree
Vertex distance 0,10,12,13.5,15mm
Minimum Order Quantity 1
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